In this time of uncertainty and worry, as Transformational Yoga South Africa we encourage and support social distancing. Instead of hugging or shaking hands, rather practice the gesture of “Namaste.”

Namaste is a way to see and honour the reality of others. This is what we all need right now, it means, “The divine light in me bows to the divine light within you.” It can also be translated as “my soul recognizes your soul”, “we are the same, we are one”. “I bow to the place in you that is love, light and joy.”

As we navigate our new reality, let’s use this time to see and honour the light within all of us.

Live your best life

Transformational Yoga is a specific style of yoga providing an integral approach to physical health, emotional balance and mental and spiritual clarity, offering a complete approach to well-being.

Transformational Yoga is suitable for everyone at all levels (even those with no prior experience at all!)

Vidyanand Transformational Yoga Centre, South Africa

We are an official Franchise of Transformational Yoga® of the SriMa International School of Transformational Yoga, India, offering authentic yoga and meditation in South Africa.

1st School in Africa

Transformational Yoga South Africa is the first Vidyanand Transformational Yoga centre in Africa.

Join Us and Experience

As a yoga and meditation school we offer weekly classes, workshops, evening sessions as well as retreats. We cater for individuals, corporates as well as kids!

All Life is Yoga!

All life gives us an opportunity for the practice of yoga. We can make use of the opportunities that we get every day by making the right choices, choices that come from our Highest Self; these choices take us closer to our Divine nature.

Hand Made Accessories

We also offer beautiful hand made accessories for all your yoga and meditation needs catering for a variety of different tastes and styles. Visit our shop here

What is our purpose

As Transformational Yoga South Africa, our purpose is to empower others to self transform as only through self transformation can we positively impact our communities and our planet. Through the Transformational Yoga system the effects of equilibrium, peace and serenity are felt immediately, which get carried over into our everyday lives, rippling out, transforming our families, communities and the Earth.

What are our values

At Transformatioanl Yoga South Africa we believe that we are just the channel to assist in empowering you towards your own Self Transformation. Therefore everything we do is based on our 4 values which we hold close to our hearts: Self Transformation | Intimacy | Humility | Integrity

See what others have said about Transformational Yoga.

Transformational Yoga is life changing. I love the effect it has on my body, mind and soul. Lisa is a gifted and inspiring Teacher

Christine C

Last night TY was amazing! I felt my energy vibration lift during the practice

Tanya V

This is a phenomenal experience to get into your body and release what needs to be released.

Carolyn B